Kusanagi, the land of chaos and war constantly occurring on what was once considered the "Holy Lands". Four dangerous nations continue to display their power before the gods while fulfilling their selfish desires for territory.

While the lands were filled with bloodshed, there was a single god that stood over all other gods. Usdos, God Of Existence, also known as the "Great One" to most humans that followed him.

Long ago Updos, God of Existence, held authority over the five realms; Underworld, Spirit Zone, Heaven, Lost Space, 2nd Dimension, and Kusanagi. There were several followers, better known as angels that did Updos's bidding while raising the rumored power that he possessed. They soon gained a title for their power, the "Heaven's Prophets", given by the demons and monsters of Oshodore. The first kingdom to ever live in Kusnagai around 800 BC, while there another kingdom that rivaled their power. 


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